THANK YOU Montecito


With pride, gratitude and an incredible sense of accomplishment, the 93018Fund is going to complete our final distributions and close (for now). With contributions 256+ angels, we are  distributing 100% of the proceeds to over 1,199 hourly wage earners in Montecito.  

Details of our fundraising and grant distributions will be updated  here over the next several days and will remain active until further notice. 

Our team is actively distributing grants within our community.

If and when the need arises in our community again, the 93108fund Team will be on the case at the drop of a virus, mountain slide, fire or tidal wave. From our hearts to yours, we thank you for helping make our Montecito Community a family a very special place to live and work.

Thank you, 

The 93108fund Team

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Love, Kindness & Community Support

As of 9:00 AM May 28th

 Score Card

(April 3 - May 27)

Total Applicants: 1,328

Individual Grants Paid: 1,199   

Cash & Pledges Raised: $268,016

 Grants Paid Out: $239,800

# of Community Angels : 256


2020 Donor List

Liz Dalling

Kim Williamson

Steven Gumins

Hugo Croft

Carolynn Croft

Marc Gamson

Mary Harris

Laura Wyatt

Geof Wyatt

Patricia Cedeno

Andrew Rusch

Eudice Taran

James McFarlane

Laura Johnston

Patricia Swenson

Patricia Tisch

Pamela Strobel

Henry Tinsley

Paul deBruynKops

Christina Panos

Linda Ochiltree

Donald Bell

Frank Meister

Blitzer Family

Janet Baker

Jimmy Stevens

Danit Nuckels

Kevin Nuckels

Michele Cuttler

Bill Cuttler

Tracy Bollag

Victoria Ward

Thomas Moldauer

Thomas Washing

Marsha Kotlyar

Crystal Wyatt

Cliff Wyatt

Lane Bhutani

Troy Hoidal

Adam Feild

Leslie Bhutani

Ashish Bhutani

Matthew Lux

Colleen Casey

Tricia Raphaelian

Gene Raphaelian

Catherine Haslem

Kimberly Hungerford

Richelle Gaspar

Lauren Katz

Catherine Nietzel

Nancy O'Connor

Zev Nathan

Holly Dobberpuhl

Carol Sacks

Scott Anschuetz

Andrea Sanchez

Ashley Adams

Nicole Woodhouse

Elizabeth Raith

Zoe Jaye

Debby Peterson

Kelly Finefrock

Peter Ziegler

Sharon Bradford

Joanna Kerns

Leo Bunnin

Fredrick W. Gluck

Mary Carolyn Chandor

Peggy Finefrock

Cid Frank

Elizabeth Gray

Beryl & Neil Kreisel

Carolyn Chandler

Betsy Lewis

Anna Wolfe

Sandra Oshinsky

Elizabeth Slaught

Kenny Slaught


Jettie Edwards

Greta Thompson

Robert Short

Dominic Oakley

Vivienne Leebosh

Vivienne Bellisario

Marnie Pinsker

Marcia Cohen

Brian Goebel

Betsy Atwater

Shand Family

Kristin Loomis

Susan Silver

Stephanie Shuman

Shirley Waxman

Ruth Green

Julie Henderson

Joyce Johnson

Denise Scherck

Crockett Doodles

Dolores A. Gillmore

Sharon Ludtke

Kristin Teufel

Kelli Shope

Susan Mezzio

Phylis Marks

Patrice Serrani

Nancy Good

Mark Delany

Teufel Family

Pat McElroy

Richard Spieker Jr.

Diana Spieker

Julia Rodgers

JB Rodgers

Gulbransen Family

RL Barnes

Janice Karman

Ross Bagdasarian

Pauline Paulin

Matt & Anne Hall


Charles E. Frost

Gregg Wilson

Barbara Koutnik

Carol MacCorkle

Julie Kellner

Thomas Snow

Molly Haden

Wendy Varnals

Shelley Van Zant

Alixe Mattingly

Mark Mattingly

Myrna Fleishman

Elizabeth Leddy

Michelle Greer

Pamela K. Shields

Jeannette Root

Jean Perloff

Charles Newman

Nina Terzian

Allan Zukor

Debra Popovich

Marla Phillips

Lee Phillips

Gail Gelles

Sheila Wald

Ann Dusenberry

Dina Landi

Cori Hayman

Becca Peters

Robert Tannor

Patricia Green

Beth Cauwels

Gina Gornick

Monica Babich

Stephanie Ferdman

Stuart Fuss

Diane Graham

Laura Bridley

Deborah Branch

Margaret Irene Kemp

Toni Ann Haselton

Lucille Janssen

Diane Quinn

Thomas J. Donovan

Cristal Clarke

Anne Gersh

Randall Greer

Mitchell Kauffman

Karen Wintringham

Devon Nielsen

Susan Washing

Said Ziouani

Scotti-Marie Leigh

Sybil Rosen

Margo Barbakow

Heidi Jensen

Donald Anderson

Greg Spencer

Rachael Douglas

Kay Lee

Cynthia Duncan

Ann James

Soni Friedman

Deborah Richards

Brian S Frons

Melinda Mars

Marcie Musser

John Kay

Anna Hahn

Patricia Aptaker

Michael Novotny

Janet Loughlin

Donna Spivak

Elizabeth Obrien

Justine Roddick

Mary Anne Atkisson

Pamela Mann

Eileen Read

David Florimbi

Susan Stevens

Stephen Singleton

Bill Howard

Cynthia Howard

Clayton Verbinski

Luann Caesar

Jennifer Kelly

Zegar Family Trust

Wayne Thiel

Cathy Milner

Joan Zacher

Andrea Eltinge

Muller Family

Dara Towers Trust

All Saints by the Sea 

Lilyan Cuttler

Jennifer Kelly

Andrea Eltinge

Donald Bell

Joan Zacher

Cathy Milner

Jimmy Stevens

Wayne Thiel

David Inger

Roger Drue

Tracey Jackson

Heather Story

Penny McCall

Teri Lebow

Tiffany Pelletier

Peri Hauser

Jimmy Stevens

Kelli Bridges

Lynne Sprecher

Mireille Mills

D Hope Bryant

Marshall Milligan

Gretchen Milligan

Lois Capps

Carol Mac Corkle

Nancy Goldsholl

Robert Olson Jr.

Conni Mattingly

Melissa & Phillip Franklin


Kirby Jones Foundation

Montecito Firefighters' 

Charitable Foundation

Brittingham Family  

M&M Foundation

GA Fowler Foundation

Englehard Foundation

The Center Foundation 

The Towbes Foudation

Santa Barbara Foundation

The Cheeryble Foundation

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About US


Our team of Montecito locals are here to help our community in times of crisis. We are a team of volunteers who are committed to helping all Hourly Wage Earners who make our community a wonderful place to live!


The 93108Fund was created to support Hourly Wage Earners in Montecito after the 2018 debris flows. Our 501c3 raised over $400,000 and distributed cash grants to over 950 individuals.  


Our mission is to show support and love for the hourly wage earners that service our community every single day.  We know that the COVID-19 pandemic has made life difficult for many of the hourly workers in our community.  We want to show our support to this valued part of our communities fabric.