About The 93108Fund

The 93108Fund was originally established to support Hourly Wage Earners in Montecito, whose daily work lives were impacted by the devastating Thomas Fire and debris flow back in 2018. During that time we raised  $400,000 and distributed cash grants to over 950 Hourly Wage Earners in the Montecito area. 

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About The 93108Fund

More Background on 93108 Fund

The 93108 Fund is here to help Hourly Wage Earners in the 93108 zip code.

Since the debris flow of 2018, the 93108Fund has also supported:

What are we doing now and why we continue to need your help:

We are again raising money to support those Hourly Wage Earners in our community who are impacted by the economic consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

This time, we are delivering "Debit Cards" to Hourly Wage Earners in our community: Banks cannot accept the flow of people cashing check.

  • Restaurant employees (bartenders, hosts, waiters, waitresses, servers, kitchen staff, dishwashers, valets, baristas, etc.)
  • Shopkeepers, store associates, buyers, and managers 
  • Gas station and car wash attendants 
  • Housekeepers, gardeners, nannies and babysitters
  • Hospitality service employees 

We believe that there are 1,200 hourly wage earners in Montecito who are in need of our help in these unprecedented times. 


Help us Help our Community

Our Pitch for Funding


Dear Potential Donor, 

In January 2019, we were about to close the fund down, but our advisor's repeated to us to "keep it open, we may need this again." We listened and we are glad we did. We are excited to announce that the 93108Fund is back in action  as we come together to support our Montecito Hourly Wage Earners.

Montecito is virtually closed down in response the the Covid-19 Pandemic. As a result, most Upper Village and Coast Village Road retail stores are closed.  Hourly wage earners have been laid off from "mom and pops" shops to large national corporations. With the exception of some restaurants, providing take-out and delivery services to serve the community, our Hourly Wage Earners are out of work and left with no safety net.

When disaster strikes, communities like ours need to step forward and help their own most valuable asset - the people. When we launched the 93108Fund in February of 2018, we distributed cash grants to Hourly Wage Earners - one by one, hand to hand, person to person. There were hugs, smiles and tears throughout the process.  

Because of the Stay At Home and Social Distancing orders, we have to do things a little different. We need to help without making contact, which means no hugs, or face to face meetings. For this reason, we are distributing our cash grants almost virtually. We will use cash cards distribution through employers. 

We want to thank all Montecito residents as we support our community of Hourly Wage Earners.

Montecito will once again come back, stronger than ever. 


The 93108Fund:

Ron Blitzer, Kristin Teufel, Alison Hardey, Laura Wyatt, Julia Rodgers, Michele Cuttler, Tricia Raphaelian, Lane Bhutani, Jack Coyle, Kelly Finefrock, Eric DelaBarre, Gregg Bigger, Gregg Wilson, Nicole Herlihy